Ideas are cheap


I think most of us have a list of ideas or various business ventures whether in our head or on paper. I met with a coworker a while ago and we were discussing a few of the ideas we have. Before he jumped into a few he jokingly said, “I’m going to make you sign a NDA.” Although this was a joke, it lead us into an interesting conversation because he had heard this comment from others before… Only they were serious… It is an interesting concept to put a price tag on an idea. There are even sites out there which try to do just that. Here’s a secret which we often forget… Ideas are cheap! How cheap? As cheap as determining what you want to eat for lunch. They are mere thoughts. The value only comes when you do something with these ideas. The value is in the execution.

Have you ever been in a brainstorming session and come out with something better than what you originally had thought of? If you said no, you should see a therapist…  Everyone comes from a different walk of life and has different experiences. This is a huge advantage which you should leverage! You will often be shocked at how your original idea has evolved into something amazing, just by sharing your ideas.

If you actually make a co-founder, partner or investor sign an NDA just because you have an idea, you are setting yourself up for failure. You are removing the trust that will give you a great foundation to be successful… On the execution, not the idea.

So, if others can help you why not freely voice your ideas? Until you do something with this idea it is pathetically cheap.


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2 Responses to “Ideas are cheap

  • Shakti Mishra
    8 years ago

    …. so as to say, Ideas could be so much more, Only if we want them to be!

    Greatly written!

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